- terms and conditions
  • this service is FREE and open to any person who is above the age of 16
  • owning more than 1 site or using invalid e-mail address is not allowed and may lead in to site deletion
  • you will be held responsible for the content that you put online, we will take no responsibility for what will be posted on your guestbook, chat or any service associated to your site.
  • we do not support uploading of shells, wares, child pornography, phishing items & unlawful gambling items.
  • so far, account upgrades are only available to south african citizens, so far we only accept EFT (electronic funds transfer) only
  • if a user fails to make a payment on an upgraded account, they will pay on the following month, should they fail to make a payment on the following month, their account will be downgraded.
  • if you upload files that you do not own or if you have no proprietary rights to upload that file, should we receive a complaint from the copyright holder, our moderators will ban your site and remove everything uploaded.
  • our moderators have rights to remove any file that violates our terms & conditions without any previous warning to the owner
  • we will never share any of your details with a third party in any way.
  • if you do not log in to this site for at least once in every 90 days, we will deactivate your site without any previous warning
  • we will not be held responsible for any loss of personal information caused by misuse of this service
  • this service is free and will remain like this for as long as it is active - but comes with no warranty, therefore we strongly urge you to keep the original files of those that you want to upload here

  • note: we might update these terms in future, so please ensure that you always check this page for changes - terms and conditions
what is this website all about is a South African based online service that lets you create a personal or business website using your mobile phone, tablet, PC or Mac.
we DO NOT charge you any money for your domain and hosting. plus, we provide with every FREE account a guestbook, poll & chat service; some of which are still under development.
you can run your own advertisements, we do not limit traffic to your site!
we run a simple graphic/text AD at the bottom of your site (which can be removed by paying a little amount of money). your site will remain active - for as long as you login to your control panel at least once every 90 days or if you have at least 5 unique visitors in 90 days :).
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wapbuilder help
site menu Site Menu | file explorer File explorer
» Forum (ask anything from the masters)
» Build my site
How do I build my site?
simply go to File explorer, click on "index.html" (index.html is your main site page, it becomes a main folder page if it is in a folder)
How long does it take for my updated site to be live?
it is published immediately after any edit, unless if you are using a proxy to visit the updated site
» File upload
How do I upload a file?
you simlpy go to your file explorer > upload. then choose if you want to upload files from your computer/phone file system or if you want to upload files from another website via HTTP transfer
» Messages
Who can i contact using the messages service?
well, using this service you can send a message to any site that is hosted with for as long as the person you are sending to did not block you, even though responding is up to the recipient.
coolwap builder v1.2
our service lets you create a powerful website from your mobile,tablet,PC or Mac without downloading any software. here is our featured user-built site:
you are now able to upload your full website in a .zip or .rar format and extract to your main page or any chosen folder without facing any problems!